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Open source toolkit for visualizing and interacting with behavioral data.

Contact: Daniel Jonathan McDuff

Analysis Tools for Electrodermal Activity in Sleep
Open Source Matlab scripts to analyze electrodermal activity and actigraphy data from Affectiva Q-sensor with sleep stages.

Contact: Akane Sano

A tool for Annotation, Monitoring and Analysis of events
Android application for multi-modal annotations

Contact: Javier Hernandez or Akane Sano

Attention Meter
Real time face detection via OpenCV in Python/Flash.

Contact: Jackie Lee

Audio Upload
Flex tool for recording audio on the web. Includes PHP for storing audio samples on AWS S3.

Contact: Rob Morris

EDA Explorer
An online tool for visualization and analysis of Electrodermal Activity data. The site can detect noise within the signal with 95% accuracy, detect Electrodermal Responses (EDRs), visualize the results, compute features which users can download, and help researchers label their own signal data. Researchers an also use our open sourced scripts to compute features themselves.

Contact: Natasha Jaques or Sara Taylor

Python Server + iOS client for real time physiological data visualization on iPhone/iPad/iPod touch.

Contact: Jackie Lee

Affectiva Q software
Software to visualize files collected with the Affectiva Q biosensor. Please note that this software was distributed by Affectiva in the past and it is not currently maintained.

Speech Prosody Analysis Software Tools
This software consists of a series of Matlab routines useful for various aspects of prosodic analysis of speech.

Much of this software was written to support the research outlined in the PhD dissertation of Raul Fernandez: A Computational Model for the Automatic Recognition of Affect in Speech

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