HandWave is a small, wireless, networked skin conductance sensor that can be worn or used in many different form factors. Skin conductance is the best known measure of arousal (whether emotional, cognitive, or physical) and this device makes it easy to gather this information from mobile users. Many existing affective computing systems make use of sensors that are inflexible and often physically attached to supporting computers. In contrast, HandWave allows an additional degree of flexibility by providing ad hoc wireless networking capabilities to a wide variety of Bluetooth devices as well as adaptive biosignal amplification. As a consequence, HandWave is useful in games, tutoring systems, experimental data collection, and augmented journaling, among other applications. The Handwave builds on the earlier project.

Q: How can I build a Handwave skin conductance sensor?

A: The primary work involved in constructing a Handwave device is in constructing a printed circuit board (PCB). A set of design files for the Handwave device may be downloaded and unzipped. This contains OrCad design files, a bill of materials, schematic, Gerber files, firmware source code, sample drivers, and design files for a programming jib. These files are most useful to those who are experienced computer or electrical engineers and are offered without any support or warranty.
Further information can be found in the publications we wrote: The HandWave Bluetooth Skin Conductance Sensor, HandWave: Design and Manufacture of a Wearable Wireless Skin Conductance Sensor and Housing and The HandWave User's Guide.

Q: How do I read data from the Handwave Bluetooth skin conductivity sensor?

A: Data can be read by reading from a serial port profile implemented by the Handwave device. More information can be found in the HandWave User's Guide.

Q: Can you build me one?

A: Prof. Picard, Dr. Rana el Kaliouby and former group members Jocelyn Scheirer and Oliver Wilder-Smith are now commercializing the newest version of this comfortable wearable wireless electrodermal activity sensor, which is much less bulky than the Handwave and even easier to put on than the original galvactivator glove. The new device has great battery life and can be comfortably worn 24/7. For the latest information, mail "info" at "affectiva.com".