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People Rosalind W. Picard

Active Projects:

An EEG and Motion-Capture Based Expressive Music Interface for Affective Neurofeedback
Auditory Desensitization Games
Automatic Stress Recognition in Real-Life Settings
Autonomic Nervous System Activity in Epilepsy
BioGlass: Physiological Parameter Estimation Using a Head-Mounted Wearable Device
Building the Just-Right-Challenge in Games and Toys
College Sleep
Digging into Brand Perception with Psychophysiology
Emotion Prototyping: Redesigning the Customer Experience
Exploring Temporal Patterns of Smile
Facial Expression Analysis Over the Web
Fathom: Probabilistic Graphical Models to Help Mental Health Counselors
FEEL: A Cloud System for Frequent Event and Biophysiological Signal Labeling
Gesture Guitar
Got Sleep?
IDA: Inexpensive Networked Digital Stethoscope
Lensing: Cardiolinguistics for Atypical Angina
MACH: My Automated Conversation coacH
Making Engaging Concerts
Mapping the Stress of Medical Visits
Measuring Arousal During Therapy for Children with Autism and ADHD
Mobile Health Interventions for Drug Addiction and PTSD
Mobisensus: Predicting Your Stress/Mood from Mobile Sensor Data
Multimodal Computational Behavior Analysis
Objective Asessment of Depression and Its Improvement
Real-Time Assessment of Suicidal Thoughts and Behaviors
Reinventing the Retail Experience
SenseGlass: Using Google Glass to Sense Daily Emotions
The Challenge
Valinor: Mathematical Models to Understand and Predict Self-Harm

Previous Work:

Adaptive, Wireless, Signal Detection and Decoding
Affect as Index
Affect in Speech: Assembling a Database
Affective Carpet
Affective Mirror
Affective Social Quest
Affective Tangibles
Affective Tigger
Affective-Cognitive Framework for Machine Learning and Decision Making
Affective-Cognitive Product Evaluation and Prediction of Customer Decisions
AMA: A Tool for Annotation, Monitoring, and Analysis
Ambient Displays for Social Support and Diabetes Management
Analysis and Visualization of Longitudinal Physiological Data of Children with ASD
Analysis of Autonomic Sleep Patterns
Automatic Facial Expression Analysis
Autonomic Nervous System Activity in Sleep
Bayesian Spectral Estimation
Car Phone Stress
Cardiac PAF Detection and Prediction
Causal Learning and Autism
Customer Measurement Using Bluetooth
Customized Computer-Mediated Interventions
Detection and Analysis of Driver Stress
Emotion and Memory
Emotion Bottles
Emotion Communication in Autism
Emotional DJ
Emotional-Social Intelligence Toolkit
Enhanced Sensory Perception
Evaluation Tool for Recognition of Social-Emotional Expressions from Facial-Head Movements
Externalization Toolkit
EyeJacking: See What I See
FaceSense: Affective-Cognitive State Inference from Facial Video
Fostering Affect Awareness and Regulation in Learning
Frame It
Gene Expression Data Analysis
Girls Involved in Real-Life Sharing
Guilt Detection
Human Motion Signatures
In Search of Wonder: Measuring Our Response to the Miraculous
Infant Monitoring and Communication
INNER-active Journal
Inside-Out: Reflecting on Your Inner State
Interface Tailor
Learning Companion
Lux Meter: Real-Time Feedback in Ambient Light Environment
Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition with Multiple Modalities
Measuring Customer Experiences with Arousal
MIT Mood Meter
Modular Light for Better Sleep
Moral Sensors
Mouse-Behavior Analysis and Adaptive Relational Agents
Mr. Java: Customer Support
Objective Self: Understanding Internal Responses
Online Emotion Recognition
Passive Wireless Heart-Rate Sensor
Personal Heart-Stress Monitor
Posture Recognition Chair
Prediction Game and Experience Sharing Market for Forecasting Marketplace Success
Recognizing Affect in Speech
Relational Agents
RoCo: A Robotic Desktop Computer
Sensor-Enabled Measurement of Stereotypy and Arousal in Individuals with Autism
SmileSeeker: Customer and Employee Affect Tagging System
The Affective Remixer: Personalized Music Arranging
The Conductor's Jacket
The Frustration of Learning Monopoly
Wearable Relational Devices for Stress Monitoring
What Do Facial Expressions Mean?

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